Aesthetic Preset Pack

Edit your pictures with ease. This pack includes 12 presets with a wide range of color, temperature, and style. Easy to install, easy to use, and easy to change. 

These presets work well with raw and regular image files. These are intended for use in Adobe Lightroom Classic and can be installed on a computer. They can be transferred over to Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile using the computer program.

This pack needs to be installed on a computer. 

You will receive one compressed file containing all preset files. These files must be moved to a specific folder or imported and Lightroom must be restarted. 

To use the presets simply drag the files into your ‘User Presets’ folder. To find the folder on you computer, once in Lightroom Classic Lightroom Classic CC go toEdit > Preferences > Presets and then click show lightroom presets folder.

Restart Lightroom Classic and they will be ready to use.

To use them on mobile, in Lightroom CC go toFile >Import Presets and find the downloaded presets location select them and click import. Then to sync them onto your mobile version of lightroom, click the cloud icon on the top right of Lightroom CC  and click sync. Make sure both mobile Lightroom and Lightroom CC are up to date for this to work properly.