Where to Find Music and Sound for YouTube Videos

I’ll run through the YouTube music library, music sites like Soundcloud, and music providers like Epidemic Sound and Artlist.

Where to Find Music and Sound for YouTube Videos

Music is everywhere out there but figuring out where to find music and what music you can use is a struggle. Here are what I have found to be the best places to source music for Youtube Videos.

1. Music Library

Youtube Music Library is a great place to start. On YouTube if you go to your Creator Studio, Create, then Audio Library you can search through free music and sound to use. You can download these songs free right from the library.

Also, you can go to ‘Music Policies‘ and search through popular music and see what the copyright restrictions are. Most importantly you want to be able to use the track and have it viewable worldwide. When you use a big track like this you’ll get an email form YouTube saying ‘A copyright claim was created for content in your video’. This just means that they picked up on the track and the owner might run adds on your video. This isn’t a big deal unless you are trying to keep your channel ad free for you subscribers.

If you find a song you like you can buy it or google ‘Youtube to Mp3’ and use one of the top links to convert and download it.

2. Music Sites

Soundcloud is a great music platform. If you want to use less generic tracks or you want to be able to monetize your videos. With this site you can start finding artists who give you permission for using music if you credit them.

To find small artists who want their music to be used in videos you can always do a deep dive and find music that you like and then message them and ask if you can use their songs for free if you provide credit, or you can search for those who publicly state it.

At the moment my favorites for this method are Ikson, Vexento, NOWE, Ehrling, Dizaro, Del, and Ukiyoin case you’re interested. Remember to link their credit in your video description and if you really like an artist or use their music a lot support them on Patreon or by buying their merch or however they monetize their music.

You can buy the tracks from the artists links or again use the Youtube to Mp3 converter sites to download the track from the soundcloud or YouTube page.

3. Music Providers

Another good option is using Music providers. This is for someone who’s a little more serious and wants to monetize their videos or want to save the time of searching and checking tracks. At the moment Epidemic Sound and Artlist are among the most popular. I’ve been using epidemic for a few months and it’s hard to stop using. One of the best features is the ability to download the whole track or the individual stems. Which means if you don’t like one of the instruments or the vocals you can take them out or layer them in differently. The music isn’t as good as what you can find in the other methods but its all safe to use if you have a subscription and the sounds they provide are a huge bonus, Everything from nature, to computer sounds and any sound effect you might need. Artlist is about 200 a year single payment while Epidemic Sound is about the same at 15 a month. You can try Epidemic for a free month and of course everything you post within that month is fine forever so it’s worth trying out.

A lot of big Youtubers are using Epidemic now from Peter Mckinnon, to Jon Olsson, Lost Leblanc, Daniel Schiffer, Nicole Eddy and Artlist is used by Mango Street, D4Darious and many others.

Note. There are 3 different possibilities for videos with music included:

a. Viewable worldwide and monetizable which means you can run adds on your video and make revenue from it.
b. Viewable worldwide but not monetizable. Which often means the music owner can run adds on your video and earn revenue from it.
c. Blocked which means YouTube will block or mute the video in some or all countries

The most important thing is that your video is viewable, after all that why you made it. I would recommend either Epidemic Sound or Artlist but also mix it up and source music differently.

Hopefully this was helpful for those looking to make videos of your own and mildly interesting for you who just stopped in to see what we’ve been doing. The part that I struggle with the most in making a video is finding and deciding what music to use. So I thought I would go through the options that I’ve tried and share what I’ve learned. Thanks for reading.