Free the Lightroom preset pack can be found here 


Adobe Lightroom Presets, what they are, where to get them, how to use them, how to make them and sell them. 

What they are

A lightroom preset is a saved set of editing parameters in lightroom. You can save all the editing information like colour, detail, effects, crop, into one single file. Then you can apply a preset to any photo in lightroom with just one click so it can speed up your editing workflow. These files are .xmp and can be saved shared and sold online.

Where to get them

There are presets already in lightroom, in the left column of the develop module. Photographers and content creators also sell preset and preset packs as digital products.. I have a lightroom preset pack here that is free, I’m always changing and improving the pack to be the best I can make it and it will always be free.

How to use them

You’ll get a compressed folder in your downloads, unzip it and then in lightroom go toEdit > Preferences > Presets and then click show lightroom presets folder. In explorer openlightroom > Develop Presets and drag the downloaded presets into the folder.

You’ll have to restart lightroom and then your new presets will appear in the left column of the develop module and can be applied to any photo with one click. I’ll be updating and improving this preset pack and it’s free and always will be.

If you want to use them on your phone you’ll have to jump over to the other version of lightroom. In Lightroom CC go toFILE >Import Presets and find the downloaded presets location select them and click import. To sync them onto your mobile version of lightroom, click the cloud icon on the top right of lightroom desktop and hit sync.. Make sure both mobile Lightroom and Lightroom CC are up to date for this to work properly.

How to Adjust them

If you apply your preset and it just doesn't work but you like the colours you might have to adjust it. Make sure the exposure is correct by increasing or decreasing it. Make sure the white balance is correct. And then adjust for skin tones. Go down to Color > Hue and drag the Red Orange until the skin tones look natural. You might have to bring down or up  the orange saturation too.

How to make them

Once you’ve edited an image and you like the style you’ve created you can go your presets window in the left column and click the little ‘plus’ icon, thencreate preset. Name your new preset and select the group. Generally, you’ll want to just select everything except for graduated and radial filters, lens corrections, cropping, and vignetting.

How to sell them

If you want to make your own presets to sell or your own preset pack. Just go over to your preset window right click and select show in explorer. Copy the presets you want to sell or share to a new folder make sure they’re named correctly and compress them.

Then upload them to an ecommerce website. The best websites to sell presets on are Sellfy and Shopify but I would recommend shopify because there are more possibilities with the site. Both of these sites cost a monthly subscription.. You could always put them in a google drive folder and share them for free.

Obviously it’s not as easy to make money from presets as it is to actually make them. Those who successfully sell them spend years building skills in photography and colouring as well as the communities that follow their work.