How to Color Grade Videos with LUTs in Premiere Pro

How to apply an aesthetic video color grading lut in Adobe Premiere Pro. Included in this tutorial is using cube file luts with Lumetri color and adjustment layers. 

Start by importing your videos or open a recent project. Once you have your clips ready to go, in the Project window, create a new 'Adjustment Layer' to use over your footage. Drag the Adjustment Layer into your Timeline.

Search 'Lumetri Color' in the effects tab and drag this effect onto your Adjustment Layer in the Timeline. 

In the Effects Controls window find Lumetri Color. In the Basic Correction section, you’ll see a button titled ‘Input Lut’ with the clickable word ‘None’ next to it. Click this button and then click Browse.

Find the Lut you wish to use, it will be a cube file.

You can then adjust the intensity of the lut by adjusting the opacity in Lumetri Color Effect Controls. 

Now edit your footage and drag the Adjustment Layer over the footage in the timeline to edit.