FUJIFILM instax mini 9

"Looking for a great little gift idea or looking to create super cute picture souvenirs? Check out the ultra basic instant film camera, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9. Undeniably one of the most popular camera series on the market today, this little ninety's inspired instant camera is quite a fun toy to have around.

This weekend I got to try out my new ice blue instax mini 9 and absolutely loved it! The camera comes equipped with a selfie mirror, a macro attachments lens for close-ups, 2 AA batteries and a small wrist strap. It also features a manual dial located on the lens for aperture controls and a built-in flash for low-light environments. The bundle does not come with prints, as you have to buy those separately. Prints are pretty costly on their own, so I would recommend buying them in bulk.

The camera itself is very user-friendly, one button to turn on, swivel the lens for appropriate setting and another button to capture and that’s it! It’s compact enough to bring a long and is a perfect tool for parties. But, with all these pros comes some small cons. Although the anticipation of seeing how your print turned out is fun, sometime prints will vary drastically.  Some will turn out extremely dark while others extremely over exposed, so make sure you have the appropriate setting and are at an optimal distance for your capture. Another little thing is the macro lens adapter, although it is a nice added capability to the mini 9, the attachment lens is a bit of a pain to carry around. I’m already worried of losing or scratching the lens while in my pockets.

But overall, this little trendy camera has been a whole lot of fun to have around. We even started a wall of fame in our apartment which is now turning into my favorite little side project.

So if you are looking for a gift idea or a fun new toy, the Fujifilm instax mini 9 comes in 6 different colors and goes for about one hundred with prints for one dollar each. They are sold in most camera and department stores due to their up and coming popularity."

I would love to hear about your thoughts on the mini 9.