How to take photographs like Brandon Woelfel

Known for his captivating portrait photography Brandon Woelfel uses props to bring his photos to life. Here I'll run through the top 5 Brandon Woelfel portrait photography hacks.


Props are a great way to add elements to the portrait and give the model something to focus on. Sparklers are fun, a prism can create a fractured filter, a CD can cast magical reflections, smoke canisters are, and LED string lights can add a beautiful depth. 

Shallow Depth of Feild

Use a low aperture lens. A great lens for this is the nifty fifty. It has a beautiful bokeh that really exaggerates the subject while bluing out the background and foreground. 

Fast shutter Speeds

Fast shutter speeds are important for catching the light or movement of the shot. The sparklers and splashes of water need to be crisp. It's best to use 1/1000 or faster shutter speeds. 

Medium Framing

Almost all of Brandon Woelfels portraits frame the subject in a medium shot. This is a great way to show the model and the environment. It suits social media formats really well. 

Color Editing

Using adobe lightroom to edit colors is an important step. Bring up the shadows, bring down the highlights, shift the color to teal and orange. Shift the yellow hue to orange and the green hue to blue. Consider getting some presets. Play around with everything. 

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